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Unless otherwise stated. Everything on this site is in a used condition, many Items are still Described in _ " AS NEW CONDITION " _ Never having been used, Still Sealed in Original Packaging, Unopened, or used very little, but nevertheless we would still class them all as Used.
We are not Retailers, Dealers, or Traders.

No Guarantees, or Warranties of any kind are given or implied.

Everything is Sold As Seen, we strongly recommend that you come and inspect any item you are interested in, either at a car boot sale etc., or at the item's location, before you buy.

Unless Otherwise Stated. All Prices Exclude Delivery, Post & Packing.

Make sure you are satisfied. No Refunds or Credit given after you Pay.

If you are not happy, don't buy. We are not Traders, Dealers, or Retailers, this is not a Business.

We can accept Payment by PayPal, but would prefer it, if you satisfy yourself, that any item you want is acceptable to you, and pay in cash when you collect from it's location in Blackpool.

The exact location for any item collection can vary in Blackpool. It just depends which family is selling.
This Site is a few different people ( Family & Friends ) just putting their items for sale in the same place, so they can be seen by you, or any other potential buyer.

We can arrange Free Delivery within the Blackpool area for the bigger items, if that will help.
We can arrange delivery by post or courier, if you wish, at addition cost to you, ask for details.

You can arrange & pay for your own courier if you wish, after payment is cleared, or cash is paid.

Remember to also Arrange Delivery Insurance ( Compensation ),
Just in case your items are lost or damaged in transit.
If YOU arrange Pick-Up and Delivery, it is your Responsibility.
NO Refunds will be given if your item is Lost, or Damaged.

Please come back again from time to time as we are new to this and still learning.